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Many people have said they won’t vote in 2016 due to the lack of favorability of both major-party candidates. I personally agree with those who say not voting at all is the same as voting for Donald Trump. If Donald Trump becomes president-elect, we, the United States of America, will have sent a message to the whole world that anyone with enough billions of dollars can buy the American Presidency. Not voting increases the likelihood of sending that message that we MUST AVOID sending.

We Autistic Adults are often uncomfortable in crowds. To obtain vote-by-mail status, contact your local Registrar of Voters/Board of Elections/however it is worded and they will tell you how to go about obtaining vote-by-mail status. I was able to obtain permanent vote-by-mail status, so I already voted. The length of time before the next election by which this must be done varies by geographic area, so it helps to ask how long it is when inquiring about vote-by-mail status.

When choosing who to vote for, research how they treat people, especially those with disabilities. Also research their agendas as to what kinds of laws they plan to make & repeal. Whoever you agree with the most is your candidate.

It’s important to be a good sport even if your candidate doesn’t win. NEVER threaten violence against anyone if your candidate doesn’t win. It may take lots of will power but acceptance of whoever wins is helpful to one’s emotional well-being. Remembering that whoever wins may only be a one-term president may help. American Presidents have term limits of two, four-year terms for a maximum total of eight years in office. Once that time has gone by, someone new has to be elected, and you may agree with the next president-elect more than this one. There’s a song whose lyrics also help reduce my anxiety leading up to an election. The song is “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)” by Green Day. The helpful lyrics are in the song’s refrain: “It’s something unpredictable, but in the end is right.” I choose not to be alone in my political views by engaging in partisan politics. I’ve been a member of three different political parties: Green, Democratic, & Libertarian. I have attended local Green Party meetings, and when I register myself Libertarian after the election, I plan to attend local Libertarian Party meetings.

Your vote counts, get out there and vote!

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