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Adulthood is typically characterized by an expected increase in responsibilities and independence, which leads to a decrease in family assistance and a period of identity-formation as an individual (McKenzie, Ouellette-Kuntz, Blinkhorn, & Demore, 2017).  With this new period in a young adult’s life comes an increase in social, emotional, and organizational demands (Arnett, 2000).  Elias and White (2018) note that these demands are often amplified for adults with ASD, and there is a void in literature addressing how best to provide the needed guidance during this critical time of transitioning to adulthood. If not adequately assisted, adults with ASD may experience a lapse in their physical and mental health (Nicholas et al., 2017).

Sneha and Adam wrote this book to address the significant void in research pertaining to ASD and adult transitional needs as well as a lack of understanding of ASD related human experiences such as hopes, dreams, aspirations, and everyday challenges. This book utilizes the voices of adults on the autism spectrum in order to best understand their experiences. Central in this book is Adam’s voice and his story. This book will be available in print in January, 2023.To reserve a copy email:

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