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Sneha Kohli Mathur, Ph.D., BCBA


Sneha considers herself an ally to the disAbility and Autism communities, and started Spectrum Success in order to support individuals on the autism spectrum, while educating "neuro typicals" on how to create a socially inclusive community. 

Sneha is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), has Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Psychology, and a doctorate degree in Education and Disability Studies.

What makes Sneha’s research, teaching, and consulting unique is her expertise in two very distinct areas, applied behavior analysis and disabilities studies. She is able to layout behaviorally supported practices within a caring social-model context. 

Sneha is a Faculty in the Psychology department of the University of Southern California (USC), where she teaches Master level courses in Applied Behavior Analysis, and undergraduate courses related to Autism and Neurodiversity. Sneha is also a founding member of the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion organization in ABA, a group that works towards social justice within the field of ABA in order to create a more inclusive platform for ABA practitioners and a more equitable future for our clients. 


During her doctoral studies at Chapman University, Sneha worked with the Thompson Policy Institute (TPI) to conduct research to better understand the needs of adults on the spectrum as they transition into adulthood. She has conducted research to understand the needs of both employees with ASD as well as employers looking to hire a neurodiverse workforce, in order to increase the rate of hiring and retention of employees with ASD. 

Sneha has also worked with colleges to develop and implement autism support programs to maximize the success of college students with ASD. She works with both the students as well as faculty and staff, in order to maximize a positive college experience. Ultimately, Sneha's work centers on increasing the quality of life for individuals with autism, and her future-focused approach allows her to help individuals build long-term success.

When she is not working, Sneha enjoys playing basketball, watching a Lakers or Sparks game, reading a book from her "non-academic reading" pile, or chasing her two year old son and trying to figure out how any creature so small could possibly have so much energy.

Adam Paul Valerius 


Adam is a young adult who was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome at the age of 12.  When Adam reached out to Spectrum Success, it was clear that Adam was smart, well spoken, and motivated to find a job for himself.  Spectrum Success hired Adam as a Marketing Intern in order to support his strengths and guide him in his professional development. Adam is enthusiastic, keen to learn, and very insightful as to how his Asperger Syndrome effects his struggles with employment. Adam is excited for the opportunity to help others on the Autism Spectrum, and Spectrum Success is honored to have such a hard working and dedicated team member to learn from!

Adam is currently working at a full time position, but still finds the time to advise and consult with Sneha on various projects. Adam and Sneha are currently working on writing a book together, in which Adam has courageously shared his life story with us.

When Adam isn't working, he likes to watch videos about obsolete audiovisual technologies and listen to ambient, jazz, and new age music.

To learn more about Adam and his experiences, check out: 

                                      Mission Statement


Spectrum Success is dedicated to providing adolescents and adults on the Autism Spectrum positive quality of life experiences by:

  • Supporting meaningful employment opportunities with competitive salaries

  • Educating employers and raising awareness within the community on the benefits of hiring neurodiverse individuals 

  • Enriching the college experience for students with ASD

  • Supporting our clients as they learn and practice the skills needed to provide for themselves independently

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