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So far at Spectrum Success

I have learned how to properly time discussions about disagreements and express my disagreements professionally. For example, it is a good idea not to send an email when I am angry. If I am angry it is better to speak to my supervisor in person, and when I have calmed down.

Working at Spectrum Success has facilitated socialization for me. The attendees of the sign language events have become much more accepting of me now that I can tell them I work somewhere. I even asked my supervisor, Sneha for more responsibilities because I realized how much I enjoy having something meaningful to work on.

My internship will make me look good to prospective employers if I were to change jobs. Currently we are waiting to launch the online program and once we have paying customers we will be able to have a discussion of the possibility of me becoming a full time employee of Spectrum Success. We are also trying to get vendorized from Regional Center, which would give adults with Autism the funding needed to join our program.

I enjoy helping Spectrum Success with social media and marketing. I have networked by attending meetup events with Sneha, I have distributed Spectrum Success flyers to friends, and worked with our pages on Facebook and Google+. I have been learning tips about posting on different social media sites, and I am proud to say that I also taught Sneha a few tips on how different social media sites work.

I enjoy working with Spectrum Success because I feel like I am making a difference in the Autism community, I am learning about my own career interests and strengths and growing professionally. I am excited and proud to be a part of an organization from the very beginning, and help it grow, get funded, and help many more adults on the spectrum!

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